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Discover a variety of additional services that meet your needs and enhance your experience.

In addition to our comprehensive services in job coaching and business coaching, we offer a range of supplementary services aimed at fulfilling diverse needs. From scheduling appointments with foreign authorities to assisting with the opening of bank accounts, our help extends to practical matters that support our clients’ career paths. We also provide assistance with the recognition of official documents to ensure a smooth transition in international career paths. Crafting impactful resumes and cover letters is another area where we excel, helping individuals effectively present themselves to potential employers. Our German language courses and exam preparation courses further enhance professional skills and equip our clients with linguistic competence essential for success in the job market. Whether it’s navigating bureaucratic procedures or improving language skills, our additional services are designed to complement and enrich the career development of our clients.

Business registration and consultation
Franchise applications and consultation
Recognition of foreign qualifications
Making appointments with immigration authorities
Opening a savings account
Insurance reports
Applications for integration courses at the BAMF
Registration with the employment agency
Individual language support for professional and personal purposes
Help with the correct completion of applications and letters for official matters.
Preparation for job interviews
Business plan

Ausbildung Weiterbildungen (Finding)

A1-C1 German Course

Exam preparation courses

Writing and communication training

Preparation for job interviews

Structure of the application portfolio

for professionals


for students


Evening courses


Intensive courses

Logo design
Business cards
Flyer Brochures Menu

Office set: business cards, letterhead, envelopes

Creation of promotional videos and advertising reels
Instagram ads at JSB in every story
Telegram ads at JSB at every opportunity
Monthly ads on Telegram and Instagram 4 times per month each

Reciprocal advertising: Every time JSB advertises, we receive two advertisements in return.