Academic coaching
with JSB Berlin

Make a targeted start to your career after graduation.

After completing an extensive and comprehensive university education as an academic, you strive to get the most out of your academic journey to find your dream job. That’s why Job Service Berlin provides customized individual coaching for academics in Berlin, where a coach will help you discover a challenging position in your field.

What can you expect from coaching at Job Service Berlin?

The coaches at Job Service Berlin are all academically trained and have extensive experience in their respective fields in order to offer you customized support in your job search. During the coaching at Job Service Berlin you can also expect the following:

  • Personal support in individual sessions.
  • Targeted support through the compilation of individual coaching topics.
  • Immediate support in your job search thanks to start dates that are possible at any time.

Advantages for your organization:

  • Qualified workers: Through our program, we support the integration of
    talented and motivated jobseekers into the labor market.
  • Social responsibility: Commitment to vocational training and integration shows
    social responsibility and strengthens the image of your company.
  • Networking Expansion: Access to a broad network of professionals and potential employees.

Range of services

Personal orientation interview
We start with a detailed initial consultation to determine your individual goals and needs and plan a coaching program tailored to you.
Career counseling

Development of a customized career strategy, including analysis of your skills and advice on career opportunities.

Job application training

Support in preparing your application documents, optimizing your CV and preparing for job interviews.

Soft Skills Training

Improve your interdisciplinary skills, such as communication skills, conflict resolution and time management.

Network consulting

Tips and strategies for effectively building and using professional networks.

Accompaniment and support

Regular coaching sessions to review your progress and adapt strategies to your development.

Target group and funding

Target group
  • Academics who have worked outside their field or in jobs below their qualifications and are now looking for long-term employment in their field.
  • Employees in specialist and management positions as well as academics who, for a variety of reasons, are looking for
    who have been working for many years need or want to reorient themselves on the labor market.
  • Employees with good initial qualifications who need support and suitable training after a longer period of absence.
    Find strategies for returning to work.
  • But also graduates of [nicht-technischer] degree programs who need orientation and knowledge about their career entry, labor market access, and development.

To receive funding for coaching, apply for an AVGS-MAT 1 (activation and placement voucher) from your employment agency or job center.

Dates, duration and measure number

Starting dates

at any time


A maximum of 12 weeks, with the option of attending full-time or part-time.

Lesson times

individual appointments, approx. 2 days/week


Combination of face-to-face and online coaching to maximize flexibility and accessibility

Measure number