Further training as a job and integration coach

Job coaching and integration coaching Further training: Supporting professional integration.

Weiterbildung in job coaching and integration coaching is an educational program that aims to qualify professionals to support people in their professional integration and job search. Knowledge and skills are taught to support people in developing career goals, creating application documents, preparing for job interviews and acquiring soft skills. This Weiterbildung usually covers topics such as labor market analysis, career orientation, career counseling, coaching techniques and intercultural communication in order to successfully integrate people from different backgrounds into the labor market. It is often aimed at employment agencies, social workers, educators and other professionals who work or would like to work in this field.

Why should you complete further training in job coaching and integration coaching?

Further training in job coaching and integration coaching offers many advantages:

  • Career prospects: Specialization in a growing field.
  • Supporting others: Help with integration into the labor market.
  • Wide range of applications: In various industries.
  • Personal and professional development: deepening knowledge and improving coaching skills.
  • Demand for qualified specialists: Contributing to meeting the growing demand. Overall, continuing education offers opportunities for professional growth and the chance to have a positive impact.

Target group and funding

Target group
The target group for further training as an integration coach is very broad: The Weiterbildung is suitable for anyone who works with migrants and advises them on integration into the training and labor market. Our e-learning offer is also particularly interesting for people with limited mobility or with care responsibilities that make longer absences impossible.

To receive funding for coaching, apply for an AVGS-MAT 1 (activation and placement voucher) from your employment agency or job center.

Dates, duration and measure number

Starting dates

at any time


12 weeks with 640 teaching units

Lesson times

individual appointments, approx. 2 days/week


Combination of face-to-face and online coaching to maximize flexibility and accessibility

Measure number