Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions


Is it possible to have the coaching financed by the employment agency or job center?

Yes, all of our individual coaching sessions can be fully funded by your local job center or employment agency using an activation and placement voucher (AVGS). After a thorough free consultation, we will offer you a qualification program for which you can apply for funding.

Is it feasible to pay for the coaching from my own funds?

Yes, you have the option of financing all coaching sessions privately.

Under what conditions can I apply for free coaching?

To receive financial support in Germany, you must be registered as a resident and register with either the job center, the employment agency or the social welfare office.

Can I still apply for free coaching if I have a student visa?
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I have a family reunification visa for Germany. Can I use your services and language courses?

“Yes, if you are registered with the employment office, you can do this.” Alternatively you can
register yourself and receive a customer number to use our free services.
to be able to use them.


What exactly does an Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) mean?

The Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) is a voucher that you can receive from the job center or the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) once you are registered there. You can redeem the voucher for an “activation and vocational integration measure” of your choice, which includes all of our individual coaching sessions.

What do I need to do to get an Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS)?

If you meet at least one of the following conditions, you are eligible to apply for an Activation and Placement Voucher:

  • You receive unemployment benefits (ALG I) and have been unemployed for more than six weeks.
  • You receive unemployment benefits (ALG II).
  • You are seeking employment and wish to supplement your income or return to work after parental leave.
  • You are seeking employment and have a one-euro job.
  • You are planning to start a business or are an unemployed entrepreneur.
  • You are looking for a job and do not receive social benefits (e.g., university graduate).
  • You are still employed but have been laid off and are at risk of unemployment.
  • You are still employed, but unemployment is looming (e.g., due to termination).
What happens if the content of my qualification offer does not match the content of the issued Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS)?

In this case, you also have the option to redeem your Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) with us. The coaching will be adjusted in scope and duration according to the voucher. If it is determined that the coaching sessions were not sufficient in the end, you have the option to request an extension, which is usually approved.

What should I do if the validity period of my Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) has already expired or is about to expire?

Often, it is still possible to redeem the voucher for our coaching sessions. If not, we can contact the job center or the Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) to obtain a new, valid Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS). Please get in touch with us in such a case, so that we can find an individual solution together.


Which services are included in your free coaching?

– Job search, Ausbildung und Weiterbildung
– Daycare and apartment search
– Translation and recognition of certificates/qualifications
– Exam preparation for German A1 to C1
– Job application & CV training
– Advice and coaching in the native language

Can I still apply for your coaching/language courses if I don't live in Berlin?

If you live in Germany, yes, of course. We also offer all our services online

Do you also help with filling out forms?

Yes, we will help you with all your documents.

Is the laptop on loan during the course or is it a gift?

The laptop is a gift to improve the quality of the course, and you may
keep it.

Can I get advice in Persian?

Yes, we offer all courses and services in at least 6 languages in the company

I have had coaching once, can I apply again?

Yes, there is no restriction and we can arrange an extension for you. With
the approval of the officer at the job center and the employment agency, we can
extra coaching sessions.

I am currently taking part in an integration course. Can I also have coaching with you at the same time?

Yes, that’s not a problem. If required and with the consent of the person in charge, you can
have both at the same time.

Do you also help with writing CVs?

Yes, we help with writing CVs and cover letters throughout the entire process,
courses and in all steps of job placement.

Are your courses online or in person?

Our services are available online throughout Germany, and we offer both
in person as well as online options in Berlin.

What is the difference between Ausbildung and Weiterbildung?

Ausbildung is a long-term program, usually lasting 1 to 3 years, in which
you receive a salary. It consists of three days of practical work and two days of
Weiterbildung is a shorter program that usually lasts 3 to 9 months, in
which you do not receive a salary and usually have to pay fees that are often paid by
job centers or employment agencies.

Which coaching is right for me?

We are happy to offer you a detailed consultation to find the right individual coaching for you. This consultation is of course free of charge.

How long does it take until I can start with the coaching?

After you have redeemed your Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) at one of our branches, your coaching can usually start within about 7 days. In urgent situations, we try to facilitate an earlier start.

Can I choose my coach myself and meet them before the coaching starts?

Of course, we can arrange that if you specifically request it. However, during the consultation, we gather all necessary information to identify the most suitable coach for you. Therefore, we usually select the coach for you. We are very familiar with the working methods and expertise of our job and migration coaches and make every effort to find the optimal match for you. Successful coaching is only possible when there is chemistry between you and the coach.

What level of German proficiency do I need to participate in the coaching?

For our coaching, a language level of B1 is required for it to be conducted in German. If your language skills are below B1, you will be assigned a coach who speaks your native language. Therefore, no knowledge of German is required for our coaching sessions.

What are my tasks during the coaching?

Your commitment is crucial for the success of the coaching. The more motivated and engaged you are, the greater your successes will be. It’s important that you can communicate openly with your coach about yourself, your desires and goals, as well as possible weaknesses and challenges.

How much time do I need to allocate for the coaching?

During the coaching, you will have two sessions per week with your coach, and additionally, we work with “homework,” which is an important part of the coaching process. The total duration of the coaching varies depending on the type of coaching.

I want to complete the coaching more quickly. Is shortening of the coaching possible?

Yes, in principle, it is possible to conduct your individual coaching in a shorter period than planned. However, we do not recommend this, as coaching is a process that takes time. Tangible results are typically achieved after three months.

There isn't enough time. Can I extend the coaching?

An extension of the coaching is possible if your job center/Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit) issues you another AVGS. The likelihood of this happening is usually high. We are happy to assist you with your application.

My coach isn't the best fit for me. Can I change coaches?

Yes, although we strive to assign you the perfect job coach from the start, it may happen that during the coaching process, you realize that the chemistry isn’t right. Please do not hesitate to inform us in such a case. We will promptly provide you with another coach.

Do the coaches have specific industry knowledge?

Generally yes. When selecting your coach, their expertise is the most important thing. We strive to provide you with a coach with relevant professional experience in the appropriate industry. It’s advantageous if you can discuss similar professional experiences with your trainer. Especially in industries like art, music, IT, or acting, this can be crucial. If you want to change industries, we also offer coach-hopping, where you can switch to a coach with relevant knowledge for your new field.

Can you give me a guarantee of success?

Our coaches have extensive practical experience and comprehensive training in systemic coaching. Additionally, at JSB GmbH, regular supervision sessions are conducted to address ongoing challenges and tasks. The contents of the coaching sessions are continuously reviewed by the project management to ensure that you achieve a satisfactory result after the coaching.